Stripe Checkout With Django

Stripe is one of the most developer-friendly payment processors available today, having extensive and well-documented APIs and SDKs enabling you to finely customize your customer payment flow. If you have a simple use-case or would prefer to offload the majority of the checkout process, Stripe also provides Stripe Checkout where Stripe themselves will directly handle collecting the payment information and charging the customer. [Continue reading...] Stripe Checkout With Django

Integrating ReCaptcha With Django-AllAuth

Automated bots creating fake accounts are a persistent problem targeting any user self-registration systems and django-allauth is no exception. The most common approach to discourage these bots is to incorporate a captcha on your signup page that adds a layer of validation, with Google's ReCaptcha being the industry-standard implementation. Integrating recaptcha into django-allauth can be tricky so in this post I'll cover the steps to add a captcha to the django-auth signup page. [Continue reading...] Integrating ReCaptcha With Django-AllAuth