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Stripe Checkout With Django

Stripe is one of the most developer-friendly payment processors available today, having extensive and well-documented APIs and SDKs enabling you to finely customize your customer payment flow. If you have a simple use-case or would prefer to offload the majority of the checkout process, Stripe also provides Stripe Checkout where Stripe themselves will directly handle collecting the payment information and charging the customer. [Continue reading...] Stripe Checkout With Django

Parsing Apache Logs Into A SQL Database

Parsing Apache HTTPD access logs into a database structure allows you to easily run queries and reports against it to better understand web traffic and detect issues. By using the pip installable apache_log_parser package and the sqlite3 python module that comes as part of the standard python library, we can quickly parse these access logs and insert entries into a sqlite3 database. [Continue reading...] Parsing Apache Logs Into A SQL Database