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Integrating ReCaptcha With Django-AllAuth

Automated bots creating fake accounts are a persistent problem targeting any user self-registration systems and django-allauth is no exception. The most common approach to discourage these bots is to incorporate a captcha on your signup page that adds a layer of validation, with Google's ReCaptcha being the industry-standard implementation. Integrating recaptcha into django-allauth can be tricky so in this post I'll cover the steps to add a captcha to the django-auth signup page. [Continue reading...] Integrating ReCaptcha With Django-AllAuth

Parsing Apache Logs Into A SQL Database

Parsing Apache HTTPD access logs into a database structure allows you to easily run queries and reports against it to better understand web traffic and detect issues. By using the pip installable apache_log_parser package and the sqlite3 python module that comes as part of the standard python library, we can quickly parse these access logs and insert entries into a sqlite3 database. [Continue reading...] Parsing Apache Logs Into A SQL Database