Photo Slideshows Using Raspberry Pi And feh

At a family event just shy of a year ago I wanted to set up a slideshow (two in fact) to run continuously. The event was outdoors and leaving two laptops exposed to the elements for an extended period of time was obviously not very appealing. Instead a couple of Raspberry Pis together with the feh image viewer proved to be the perfect fit. [Continue reading...] Photo Slideshows Using Raspberry Pi And feh

Small Business Work-From-Home Survival Guide

Everyone is now well aware of the COVID-19 virus outbreak and the need to reduce person-to-person exposure and self-quarantine. Larger companies have no doubt been busy implementing their business continuity plans to cope with the issue however many smaller companies don't have the resources available to prepare for these types of disaster scenarios ahead of time. As the reality of this situation starts to take hold, many businesses that were initially reluctant to make adjustments are now scrambling for options on how to continue to conduct business in an unexpected, and likely prolonged, work-from-home environment. Below I've put together some resources and tools that may be of use to those unfamiliar with these types of setups. [Continue reading...] Small Business Work-From-Home Survival Guide